Resident Bart

I’m invited to the Martha’s Vineyard Writers Residency in October! The Noepe Center for Literary Arts awarded me the Carol Wagner Smith Scholarship to do a two week residency in Edgartown, Massachusetts. I’m thrilled to be given the chance to work on my English stories.

Finally I have the perfect excuse to be back in the US. Martha’s Vineyard seems like a paradise, as does the small inn that hosts the residents. It seems the perfect idyllic place to work on a story about self-deception and the dangerous undercurrents of human emotions.

Is it October yet?


A Dutch short story with a girls’ name

Yesterday I published my short story Jantine on the Dutch blog Hard//Hoofd. The illustration was made by Dutch artist Lune van der Meulen, and I think it captures the awkwardness of the story perfectly!

The introduction reads: ‘The first high school love affair, the first kiss, de first break-up: everybody has vivid memories of these life altering events. But do those memories stroke with reality? A short story by Bart Kuipers.’

A translation will be available soon! Until then, you can read the Dutch version on Hard//Hoofd.


show us your shorts 612x300

Newborn in print


A few months ago my short story Mister Hobson’s Mustache got selected by Writer’s Digest for publication in their 16th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition Collection and today I got the book.

My very first publication in English! Isn’t it beautiful? And, coincidentally, also my very first publication in print. Two milestones all wrapped up in this neatly layouted short story anthology.

Many thanks to Writer’s Digest for selecting my short out of over 6700 entries. And many thanks to my neighbors at the Silbersteinstraße in Berlin: I found the package on the floor next to my mailbox. It was ripped open, but the book was still there! Ain’t I lucky?

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